Outreach Opportunity for Hourly GRA!

Dear All,

Prof. Ben Klein is working with the GT CEISMC office to provide outreach to local elementary and middle schools. The intent is to provide courses for teachers, in which GT personnel will describe and demonstrate real world applications of some of the basic STEM skills they teach. Dr. Klein is looking for volunteers (with pay!) from our grad students to work with him over the Summer 2017 term, and hopefully extending through Summer 2018.

If you are presently either 1. not a GRA or GTA or 2. a GRA or a GTA with a 33% or less appointment in Spring and Fall, and no appointment in Summer, and if you are registered for classes, you are eligible for this opportunity. You will be paid approximately $1800 plus travel expenses per course, with one two-week course in the summer, one during the school year (evenings), and one the following summer. More details can be found in this document.

If interested please contact Prof. Klein directly. (bklein@gatech.edu)