We are the Georgia Tech student chapter of ASEE, committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology. If you want to get involved or learn about ASEE events, please join us at one of our upcoming meetings! Feel free to contact us about ASEE or with questions about engineering education at gt.asee@gmail.com.

Who are we?

GT-ASEE is a student-run organization founded at GT in 2011, committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology.


Many students and faculty at Georgia Tech are interested in STEM education research and practice. However, there exists no community for these faculty and students to discuss and improve their STEM education research and practice. The Georgia Tech Student Chapter of the American Society for Engineering Education (GT-ASEE) aims to address the needs of our STEM education community by providing events that highlight a variety of topics.

GT-ASEE’s Mission:

  1. Providing opportunities for future engineering educators to develop teaching and research skills.
  2. Providing STEM undergraduate & graduate students with the opportunity to learn about engineering education research.
  3. Assisting and encouraging minorities and women to study and seek careers in the STEM fields.
  4. Developing relationships with local K-12 schools and aiding them in fostering student interest in engineering.

More information can be found in our GT-ASEE Constitution.

If you would like to join the GT ASEE Student Chapter email list, please follow the link below: